• Four years ago, I committed to several writing goals for November also known as academic writing month (#AcWriMo). That was one of my most productive months of writing. I wrote over 13,000 words and had over 60 hours of productive time collecting or analyzing data.

    This year, I also have a lot to write including two conference papers, a grant proposal, a journal paper to polish, and new blogs for my website. So, I’m once again committing to academic writing month. My daily writing and research goals for 2018 are:

    • Write at least 500 words,
    • Read at least one source for a literature review, and
    • Complete at least one hour of additional productive research time (e.g. data processing, planning, training, project organization).

    I have one additional month-long goal this year; to figure out how to sustain the above research productivity beyond November. The daily goals meet the criteria for S.M.A.R.T. goals.  They are all specific and measurable. Once a day makes them time-bound and they are relevant given the writing projects I have for this month. All three goals are likely achievable because the first and last goals are the same as 2014 and the second goal is a required part of the writing projects. The additional month-long goal is specific, measurable, and time-bound. I know it is relevant to completing my research goals to earn promotion and tenure. However, I also know it is a stretch goal which means achievable is not going to be an easy task. Given it is relevant to achieving my research goals and being a successful academic, I am committed to trying.

    As I did in 2014, I am going to track and share my progress on my daily goals. This year I will be adding a reflection and adaptation step to help work toward the sustainable daily research and writing goal.

  • So today I happened across #AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month), which is a writing challenge for academics to write every day in November. This intrigued me for two main reasons: 1. I have a lot to write in November anyway and 2. I need to develop better habits for writing.