Even though all of the WE Local conferences in North America were canceled, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) still recognized several people with WE Local Awards.  I was presented with the WE Local 2021 Local ELiTE (Emerging Leader in Engineering and Technology) Award.  This award honors engineers who have been actively engaged in an engineering or technology profession and have ten to fifteen years of cumulative engineering experience and consistent SWE involvement including both formal and informal leadership roles.  

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At WE20, I shared how lessons I learned as a project engineer applied to managing grants and research in academia.  This session was recorded and provided as an on-demand session.  I've included the slides here as well to make the links easier to access.  The sessions from WE20 will be available on-demand for a full year, so you can go back and watch the recording if you are interested.

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At WE20, Yanfen Li, Nicole Jackson, and I created an on-demand session with answers to frequent questions about an academic job search.  We weren't able to cover all aspects of the job search in detail during the 30 minutes.  However, the slides are provided below and we will be hosting a follow-up Q&A on November 19 on Zoom.  If you are interested in joining this call (and possibly future calls), please complete this sign-up form.  You may also join the SWE WIA Slack and ask questions on the academic job search panel.  There are lots of SWE members who have experience with the academic job search process who are active on Slack.

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This year at WE20, I was recognized as an Outstanding SWE Counselor. I am grateful for the SWE members in B-Section at Kettering University and other Kettering SWE members who took the time to nominate me for this award. I enjoy working with both of the SWE sections at Kettering. Their enthusiasm for outreach and supporting women in STEM is inspiring. I am happy to be able to continue to support them as their counselor even though I have moved on to another position.

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At WE19 I collaborated with Yanfen Li and Nicole Jackson to facilitate a flipped session on applying for academic jobs.  The slides and additional details from the session are provided here for reference during and after the session.

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On October 16, I presented a webinar branding and social media for academics.  The webinar was sponsored by the Women in Academia Committee of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).  It included tips on branding yourself as an academic and sharing information about your work on social media.

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At the 2017 SWE Annual Conference (WE17), I presented a session that included strategies for using technology to organize your artifacts for promotion and tenure.  My presentation was based on data collected in a survey of other faculty members and my own experience. 

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At the 2017 American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference, one of my students published a paper about the success of a unique SWE event at Kettering University, Welding and Machining Day.  The paper explained how the event was organized and summarized the feedback from the participants.  Diane Peters, the faculty advisor, and I also co-authored the paper.  The full paper can be accessed from the ASEE website.

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On December 5, I presented a webinar for GradSWE on tips for successfully completing your dissertation.  The topics included project management, time management, and writing.

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This year I was recognized as one of the Society of Women Engineers' Distinguished New Engineers.  This award is given to a maximum of 10 engineers each year.  The award recognizes women who have progressed in their technical careers, contributed to their local community, and to SWE.

I was selected for successfully navigating a career transition from industry to academia, for innovative research in engineering education, and for leadership in fulfilling the SWE mission. 

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At the 2016 SWE Region H conference, I presented at two different sessions.  The first session was about effectively using social media for SWE sections.  The tips in my presentation (embedded below) were based on my experience managing social media for three SWE communities (East Central Iowa section, GradSWE at Illinois committee, and the Women in Academia committee), plus guidance provided by SWE HQ through webinars and guides.  In the second session was about selecting an advisor in Graduate School.  I was one of four panelists with a variety of experiences with advisors in graduate school.

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At the 2015 SWE Region H conference at University of Notre Dame, I presented a session titled "Your Brand and Social Media."  The first part of the presentiation was about creating a personal brand.  That was followed by an overview of some of the most popular social media/networking sites.  Then I wraped it up with some best practices from the The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick.

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At the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Region H Conference this year I was able to present my dissertation research for the first time.  Graduate Student Rapid Fire pretentions comprised one session of the conference and gave five graduate students the opportunity to present their research to a diverse audience and receive feedback.  Members of the audience, including professors from Michigan Tech (the host school), SWE Leaders, and other interested volunteers were provided feedback forms to give to the presenters at the end of the session.

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Recently there has been a significant increase in discussions about women in high powered careers. This was touched off by Anne-Marie Slaughter's article in The Atlantic, describing "Why Women Still Can’t Have It All," followed by Marissa Meyer becoming CEO of Yahoo. The most recent explosion in the conversation has come after the release of Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In. At the end of the book Sandberg says "Let's Keep Talking..." and that her "goal is that this book is not the end of the conversation, but the beginning." To achieve this goal she encourages everyone to continue the conversation by discussing on the Facebook page, sharing on the Lean In website, and forming smaller Lean In circles.

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I am pleased to be named as one of this year’s Society of Women Engineer’s New Faces of Engineering. An amazing group of women, including Rachel Morford, Brianne Wilburne, Allison Tuff Mjoen, and Jennifer Vallero, are also recognized with this honor.

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This year for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is sponsoring a contest at WE11 (their annual conference) called the Mosaic of Memories Quilt. Each contestant was asked to submit an essay and a 6" x 6" quilt square illustrating their point of view as an engineer or SWE member. Each submission will be judged at this year's conference and the completed quilt will be on display at WE12. I was inspired to take advantage of the change to combine my crafty side with my engineering side.

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MATLAB Code for Lab Kit

The MATLAB and Simulink files for my motor control lab kit is available on GitHub.

3D Models for Lab Kit

The instructions for experiments using my motor control lab kit is available on GitHub.

Experiments for Lab Kit

The instructions for experiments using my motor control lab kit is available on GitHub.