At WE20, I shared how lessons I learned as a project engineer applied to managing grants and research in academia.  This session was recorded and provided as an on-demand session.  I've included the slides here as well to make the links easier to access.  The sessions from WE20 will be available on-demand for a full year, so you can go back and watch the recording if you are interested.

At WE20, Yanfen Li, Nicole Jackson, and I created an on-demand session with answers to frequent questions about an academic job search.  We weren't able to cover all aspects of the job search in detail during the 30 minutes.  However, the slides are provided below and we will be hosting a follow-up Q&A on November 19 on Zoom.  If you are interested in joining this call (and possibly future calls), please complete this sign-up form.  You may also join the SWE WIA Slack and ask questions on the academic job search panel.  There are lots of SWE members who have experience with the academic job search process who are active on Slack.

This year at WE20, I was recognized as an Outstanding SWE Counselor. I am grateful for the SWE members in B-Section at Kettering University and other Kettering SWE members who took the time to nominate me for this award. I enjoy working with both of the SWE sections at Kettering. Their enthusiasm for outreach and supporting women in STEM is inspiring. I am happy to be able to continue to support them as their counselor even though I have moved on to another position.

As a follow up to my earlier blog post about creating videos quickly, I thought I would share a few examples of the final product.  When I started creating videos for an entire term online, I decided to add a bit more personalization.  All of the videos started with me on the screen introducing the content before jumping into the annotated PowerPoint content.  I created an animated logo in Adobe After Effects to add some flair and personalization.  Finally, I put some bed music and end credits to make it seem a bit more like what they were used to from other YouTubers.

MATLAB Code for Lab Kit

The MATLAB and Simulink files for my motor control lab kit is available on GitHub.

3D Models for Lab Kit

The instructions for experiments using my motor control lab kit is available on GitHub.

Experiments for Lab Kit

The instructions for experiments using my motor control lab kit is available on GitHub.