A middle aged white woman with shoulder length curly blonde hair and glasses stands in front of a white wall wearing a navy blue t-shirt with the text "Illinois Bioengineering"
Dr. Reck, Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs in Bioengineering.

I am excited to take on a new role as the Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs in Bioengineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.  In this position, I will be responsible for the operations of the three undergraduate programs: bioengineering, neural engineering, and CS + BIOE.

During my academic career, my goals in both teaching and research are to provide inclusive learning opportunities where all students achieve course learning objectives, preparing them for the next phase of their careers. Carrying this goal forward into her new role, I will support students in all three of the department’s undergraduate programs as they develop the knowledge and skills needed to begin their professional lives or continue into graduate studies. I will work closely with faculty colleagues and program staff to ensure the Bioengineering undergraduate programs meet the expectations of students, employers, alumni, and other stakeholders.